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Adjustable Exercise Protection Wrist Support Strap

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Sports wrist guard

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Relieve wrist pain and protect wrist


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The wrist is the most active part of our body. The chance of tendonitis at the wrist is very high. To protect it from sprain or accelerate recovery, wearing wrist guard is one of the effective methods.

Wristbands have become one of the necessary items for athletes to wear. Wristbands are best avoided to hinder the normal operation of the hand, most wristbands should support finger movement without restriction.Nylon wristbands are knitted, breathable, and highly hygroscopic. Nylon wrist braces are divided into sleeve and strap types, and the appropriate ankle brace can be selected according to the degree of injury of the ankle brace. Of course, people can also use wrist braces to prevent wrist sprains during exercise and help people exercise better.Wrist pain in some patients can stretch the long tendon extending into the thumb, so a wrist brace that includes the thumb is also designed to help the wrist joint better recover.



1. The material is knitted nylon which is breathable, hygroscopic and comfortable.

2. Nylon wrist supports are stretchy and adapt well to wrist size.

3. It provides pressure to help reduce swelling in the injured wrist joint.

4. It restricts a wide range of motion in the knee joint, allowing the injured area to recuperate.

5. It strengthens the wrist area, enhances stability, and relieves wrist stiffness and fatigue after prolonged exercise.

6. The edge of the wrist is specially treated, which can greatly reduce the discomfort when wearing the protective gear and reduce the friction between the edge of the sports wristband and the skin.

7. The lightweight, soft, and durable design won't restrict your movement or harm your skin.

8. Wearing our wrist support helps us move better without hindering our movement.


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