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Neoprene Ultra-thin Ankle Support Strap For Sport Protection

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Adjustable Ultra-thin Ankle Support


Ankle Support/Ankle Brace








100 pcs


Single zipper bag packaging


For daily sports ankle protection


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A lightweight ankle protective orthosis, suitable for patients with frequent ankle sprains, ankle ligament injuries, and ankle instability. It can limit the movement of the ankle, prevent the sprain caused by the inversion of the ankle, reduce the pressure on the injured part of the ankle joint, strengthen the ankle joint and promote the recovery of the injured soft tissue. Moreover, it can be used with ordinary shoes without affecting the walking gait. The product has a three-layer structure of pressure, support and protection, and auxiliary fixing.At the same time, it is not bulky to wear, flexible and lightweight. It uses criss-cross elastics to protect injured and sore ankles. The splicing design makes the ankle brace not easy to slip off, and the arch of the foot does not feel tight. This type of ankle brace is more comfortable, and the elasticity of the ankle brace can be adjusted according to your own situation.



1. It is the rear opening design, the whole is a free paste structure, it is very convenient to put on and take off.

2. The cross-assisted fixation belt flexibly uses the closed fixation method of tape to adjust the fixation strength according to your own needs, stabilize the ankle joint, and improve the protective effect of body pressure.

3. It has super elasticity, breathability and water absorption.

4. It will help strengthen your ankle joint against sprains and also strengthen your joints.

5. The ankle brace is ultra-thin and comfortable to wear without compromising activity.

6. It is a U-shaped sleeve design, which is more convenient to wear.

7. This soft ankle brace has strong toughness and can achieve sufficient pressure without straps.

8. The rear opening design, the whole is a free paste structure, it is very convenient to put on and take off.


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