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Can wrist guards really be used? How does it work?

The wrist is the most active part of our body, and there is a high chance of hamstring inflammation at the wrist. To protect it from sprain or accelerate recovery, wearing wrist guard is one of the effective methods. The wrist guard has become one of the necessary items for sportsmen to wear on their wrists. The wrist guard should not interfere with the normal operation of the hand as much as possible, so if it is not necessary, most of the wrist guards should allow finger movement without being constrained.

Wrist Strap Brace

There are two types of wrist guards: one is towel type, which has no protective effect on the wrist. Its main function is to wipe sweat and decorate, and wearing it on the hand can prevent a large amount of sweat on the arm from flowing to the hand, which is most obvious in tennis and badminton. The other is the wrist guard which can strengthen the joints. This is the wrist guard which is made of very elastic materials. It can protect the joints from bending and help the joints to return to normal state. However, if the wrist is not injured or old, it is not recommended to wear some skilled sports, which will affect the flexibility of the joints.

In terms of U design, some are worn on the wrist like socks; There is also a design that is a elastic band, which needs to be wrapped around the wrist when using. The latter design is superior because both shape and pressure can meet the individual needs of users. The wrist pain of some patients only extends to the long leg of the thumb, so a wrist guard including the design of the thumb appeared. If the situation is more serious, it is necessary to further fix the wrist and provide more stable support, this wrist guard with metal sheet inside will be useful. However, because the fixed range is large and the price is not cheap, you can choose it only with the advice of the medical staff.

Post time: Mar-10-2023