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Do you want to wear wristbands for fitness? How to protect the fragile wrist?

Do you need to wear wristbands when exercising, especially in heavy weight training? Have you ever struggled with this problem, fitness loving friends?

Causes of wrist injury

Wrist joint is actually one of the joints that are easy to be injured in human body. Research has shown that 60% of the strain injuries in fitness occur in the wrist. The wrist joint begins with two forearm bones, namely radius and ulna, and is composed of eight irregularly shaped wrist bones, which are covered with staggered ligaments. Their cooperation realizes the flexible movement of the wrist joint. Almost all our actions need to be completed under the action of the wrist joint. But it is precisely because of the strong flexibility of the wrist, relatively speaking, the stability is not too strong, and it is easy to be damaged during exercise. Moreover, the wrist joint has complex structure, diverse movements, and excessive pressure, which is more likely to lead to strain and injury of the wrist joint.

In fitness, the wrong posture, improper exertion, insufficient wrist strength and other reasons may lead to wrist pain and even wrist injury. For example, when we snatch, the posterior carpal muscles and tendons are mainly required to coordinate and exert force. When the weight of the barbell is too heavy, and the forward extension of the wrist joint and the forward push of the elbow joint cannot reach the force required by the weight of the barbell, it is easy to damage the wrist. In serious cases, it may damage the wrist and the surrounding muscle tissue, tendons and bones. Therefore, it is recommended that you wear wrist guards when exercising, Especially in heavy training. At this time, the wrist will bear a huge load, and the wrist guard can provide us with fixed support, help maintain stability, and prevent and reduce the risk of wrist injury.

In addition, if there is discomfort in the wrist during the fitness process, we are not recommended to continue training, and we need to stop fitness immediately. The situation is serious, and you need to go to the hospital in time.


How to prevent wrist injury

In order to prevent and reduce wrist injury, what can we do?

1. Exercise wrist strength
The first thing to do is to strengthen wrist strength training and strengthen wrist strength. It can not only prevent sports injuries, but also contribute to fitness training.

2. Warm up and stretch well
In many cases, wrist injury during fitness is due to insufficient warm-up. You can warm up before fitness, improve joint flexibility, and help reduce and prevent joint injury. After fitness, we should also relax and stretch, which can help us effectively alleviate fatigue, help our body recover, and avoid or reduce the occurrence of strain. At the same time, we should also avoid excessive exercise or excessive intensity, reasonably arrange our exercise frequency, and don’t overload the wrist.

3. Master the correct training posture
Excessive vertical pressure on the wrist and incorrect stress angle are the main reasons for wrist injury during fitness, which usually occurs because of incorrect training posture. Therefore, it is important to master the correct training posture. Qualified friends, especially novices, must carry out fitness training under the guidance of coaches. In addition, pay attention to step-by-step training, do not blindly increase the amount, do what you can, so as to avoid injury.

4. Wear protective equipment
Finally, as mentioned above, you can wear protective equipment during training, especially during heavy weight training, which can help maintain the stability of the wrist and reduce the risk of injury. Using a wrist support reinforcing band with double bandages can adjust the tightness at will, support the wrist joint and reduce excessive or inappropriate load. Have you got your friends who like fitness? Pay attention to protection and protect yourself.

Post time: Aug-01-2022