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I’m not hurt. Should I wear knee pads and ankle pads when running?

We need to know the design principle of these sports protectors.

For example, knee pads and ankle pads, the direction of the interwoven fibers actually simulates the direction of the ligaments around the joints of the human body.

Therefore, it can be said that the protective gear increases the stability of the joint in motion.

Next, we will introduce four kinds of commonly used protective gear, so that you can clearly know which sports stage you belong.

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1. Exercise beginners.
For people who have just started to exercise, muscle strength is not enough, protective gear can effectively control the stability of joints and avoid some sports injuries.

2.Outdoor runners.
When running outdoors, there may be potholes and uneven roads, and often step into the pit before you know it.
The response of our lower limbs to the uneven road surface is all reflected by the joints. At this time, the joints need toughness to bear some abnormal impact force. If we wear protective gear, it will reduce the impact on the ligaments.

3. A person who doesn’t warm up enough.
People who do not do enough stretching and warm-up exercises before exercise should also wear protective gear.

But for perennial sports professionals, warm-up exercise, stretching, quadriceps strength are better, and in regular sports venues, such as plastic track, treadmill running, not wearing protective gear will not cause too much harm to them.

Post time: Feb-03-2023