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Is there any practical significance in sports knee and wrist protectors?

That must be there, it can play a protective role and reduce injuries.
The knee joint is not affected by external forces in general activities, so it will only be performed within a small range. However, activities such as mountaineering can bring great pressure to the knees, causing the patella of the knee to move down and out of its original position, leading to diseases. But wearing knee pads can control the movement of the patella within a certain range, thereby achieving the effect of avoiding injury. During exercise, various postures can easily cause various injuries or strains to the knee joint. Stick knee pads on the knee, stabilize the knee during exercise, guide the contraction of quadriceps femoris muscle, improve the drying efficiency of quadriceps femoris muscle, and reduce knee pain.

sports knee and wrist protectors

The function of a wrist guard is to provide pressure and reduce swelling; Another option is to restrict activities and allow the injured area to rest and recuperate. When wearing wrist protectors, it is best not to interfere with the normal operation of the hand, so if not necessary, most wrist protectors should allow finger movements.
The wrist guard specifically activates the muscle tissue that stabilizes the joint, thereby reducing pressure on the knee joint and stabilizing the joint. Massage the meniscus through the lateral wing of the meniscus to relieve pain, requiring a soft material such as a silicone ring that is not oppressive, not tight but very tight. After putting on the basketball protection, I feel that my knees are slightly stronger, which is a great feeling. There is protection in front, back, left, and right, and the effect is very good, mainly because I have confidence in myself.
The fabric pressure gradually decreases and disperses the wrist load. The left and right silicone pads play a massage role, stabilizing the wrist to prevent damage, and using three-dimensional weaving techniques for high elasticity, breathability, and moisture removal is comfortable to wear.

Post time: Apr-28-2023