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Talk about knee pads

Some people believe that in daily sports, knee pads must be worn to protect the knee joint. In fact, this view is wrong. If there is no problem with your knee joint and there is no discomfort during exercise, you do not need to wear knee pads. Of course, in some cases, you can wear knee pads, which can have the effect of cushioning and cold protection. Knee pads are mainly divided into the following three categories:

Knee pads for braking
It is mainly applicable to patients with knee joint pain, knee joint sprain, and fracture around the knee joint undergoing conservative treatment. Here are two representative knee pads
The knee pad with non-adjustable angle and local braking in the straight position is mainly used for the conservative treatment of fractures near the knee joint and sprain of the knee joint. This kind of knee pad does not need to adjust the angle and is relatively cheap, but it is not conducive to rehabilitation exercise.
Knee pads with adjustable angle are beneficial to rehabilitation exercise because they can adjust the angle. It is mainly applicable to knee fracture, knee sprain, knee ligament injury, and knee arthroscopic surgery.

Knee pads for braking

Warm and health care knee pads
Including self-heating knee pads, electric heating knee pads, and some common towel knee pads.
Self-heating and electric heating knee pads are mainly used to prevent cold. Self-heating knee pads are generally used under the air conditioner in cold winter or summer. It needs to be worn closely. Generally, it is not recommended to wear it for too long. You can take it down for 1-2 hours to rest your muscles. At present, many foot baths or massage shops are using electric heating knee pads, and many young people have bought such knee pads for their parents. However, if you encounter skin allergy, ulceration and obvious swelling of the knee joint when using these two kinds of knee pads, it is recommended not to continue using them.

Warm and health care knee pads

Sports knee pads
Including ordinary towel or polyester knee pads to prevent knee joint from breaking after falling during exercise, as well as spring cushion knee pads. It can be worn by friends who have run for a long time, or have discomfort in the knee joints of middle-aged and old people but like running. Here, we will mainly introduce the knee pad with elastic cushion.
Spring cushion knee pads are suitable for those who are overweight and want to run. They can also be used by patients with knee pain and hip osteoarthritis. There is a hole in the front of the knee pad, which can be tied to the knee joint. After binding, it not only has a cushioning effect on the knee joint, but also has an appropriate limit on the mobility of the bone, reducing the friction of the hip joint.

Sports knee pads

It is better to take off the knee pads after 1-2 hours and wear them intermittently. If you wear knee pads for a long time, the knee joint will not get enough exercise, and the muscles will become atrophic and weak.
In short, the choice of knee pads needs to be considered in many aspects. It should be reminded that those who have swelling of the knee joint or fever after knee exercises are not recommended to wear a fever knee pad. They can choose to wear a common knee pad combined with ice compress.

Post time: Mar-10-2023