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The role of belt protection

Waist protection is the cloth used to protect the waist, also known as the waist fixed belt. With the development of science and technology, the material of waist protection is not limited to ordinary cloth, and its function is not limited to warmth.

Role of belt protection

Exert certain pressure on the muscles to adjust the balance of exercise force. To a certain extent, strengthen muscle strength and reduce swelling. When muscles are stimulated during exercise, their metabolism accelerates, and the amount of water in muscle cells increases, resulting in the feeling of expansion of cells. Proper pressure will help to make exercise more relaxed and powerful.

The harder waist protection can provide a certain amount of support during exercise, hold the waist that is bent too much, reduce the force on its muscles, and protect the waist.
No sprains or soreness. Some functional waist protectors are attached with metal sheets, which can effectively provide greater support and avoid accidental injury. The back of this kind of waist protector is generally high.

heat preservation
The double-layer or multi-layer material is soft and comfortable, and the waist protection has strong heat preservation function. Athletes often wear less clothes in sports, and the waist dissipates more heat, which is easy to catch cold, making people sour, cramp or cause stomach discomfort. The waist protection with heat preservation performance can effectively maintain the waist temperature, accelerate blood circulation, and prevent colds and stomach discomfort.

Strengthen cell metabolism, burn fat, adjust tightness, and apply appropriate pressure to help lose weight and shape. In the exercise related to the waist, the waist protection with pressure, heat preservation and sweat absorption can speed up the decomposition of fat. It is an essential protective device for waist recovery and fitness.


Application scope of belt protector

Waist protection is suitable for warm physical therapy of lumbar disc herniation, postpartum protection, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disease, stomach cold, dysmenorrhea, abdominal distension, body chills and other diseases. Suitable population:

1. People who sit and stand for a long time. Such as drivers, desk staff, salesmen, etc.
2. People with weak and cold constitution who need to keep warm and orthopedic at the waist. Postpartum women, underwater workers, frozen environment practitioners, etc.
3. People with lumbar disc herniation, sciatica, lumbar hyperosteogeny, etc.
4. Obese people. Obese people can use waist protection to help save energy at the waist, and it is also conducive to controlling food intake.
5. People who think they need waist protection.

matters needing attention

Waist protection is only used in the acute stage of low back pain. Wearing it when it is not painful may lead to disuse atrophy of lumbar muscles. The time of wearing waist protection should be determined according to the situation of low back pain, generally 3-6 weeks is appropriate, and the longest use time cannot exceed 3 months. This is because in the onset period, the protective effect of lumbar protection can make the lumbar muscles rest, alleviate muscle spasm, promote blood circulation, and is conducive to disease rehabilitation. However, its protection is passive and effective in a short time. If it is used for a long time, it will reduce the opportunity of lumbar muscle exercise and the formation of lumbar strength, and the lumbar muscles will begin to shrink gradually, causing new damage instead.

Post time: Aug-01-2022