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The role of wrist guard

The role of the first is to provide pressure and reduce swelling; the second is to limit movement and allow the injured area to recuperate.

At the same time, it is best not to hinder the normal operation of the hand, so if not necessary, most of the wrist guard, should be allowed for finger movement, not constrained.

From 2006 to 2011, China’s sports goods industry (the added value of manufacturing and sales of sportswear, sports shoes, sports equipment and related sports products increased year by year, with an annual compound annual growth rate of 17.63%. By 2011, it is expected to reach 176 billion yuan, accounting for more than 80% of the sports industry.

“Made in China” accounts for more than 65 percent of the world’s sporting goods industry, and China is also the world’s second largest consumer market for sporting goods after the United States. Wrist piece products as sports goods subdivision equipment development is also very rapid.

The dressing range includes part of the palm and forearm, which belongs to the formal wrist guard. For design, some are worn socks on the socks; some are elastic with that aps wrapped around the wrist. The latter design is superior, because both the shape and pressure can meet the individual needs of the user. If the situation is more serious, when the wrist needs to be further fixed, and to provide a more stable support, the inner metal plate wrist guard will be useful. However, because the fixed range is larger, the price is not cheap, we can choose under the medical staff advice.

Elbow and knee pads are designed to protect the elbows and knees from falling, and to wear soft pads or hard shells. In order to reduce the weight of the equipment, the designer will be the elbow and knee pads design lighter, beautiful, convenient and practical.

Like to play tennis, badminton, table tennis friends, in a ball down, especially when playing the backhand, the elbow will hurt, even if the elbow will hurt, experts told us that this is commonly known as “tennis elbow”. And the tennis elbow is mainly in the moment of hitting, wrist no brake, no lock wrist, forearm extensors are excessive pull, cause attachment point damage, after the elbow joint protection, wrist protection, so when the ball or have an excessive flexion action, so the elbow injury can also be aggravated. So when playing tennis, if you feel an elbow pain, you’d better wear a wrist guard while wearing your elbow guard. And when we choose the wristband, we must choose no elasticity, elasticity is too good to play a protective role. And when you wear it, do not be too tight also can not be too loose, too tight will affect the blood circulation, too loose and can not play a protective role.

In addition to the three big ball, three small ball, if you are skating or roller skating, in the shoelaces, must all fasten, some people feel all, feel ankle activity is not flexible, so less a few lines, this is not right, roller skates high waist design is to limit your ankle super range of activities, so you are not easy to sprain my ankle. Young friends like some extreme sports, we must wear professional protective gear, so that it can effectively prevent being hurt. Finally, I would like to remind you that the protective gear only plays a certain protective role in sports, so in addition to wearing some protective gear in the sports competition, we should try to master the formal technical movements and strictly abide by the rules of the competition. In addition, once injured in the sports competition, first of all to stop to continue to exercise, if possible, use ice cubes for ice compress to relieve the pain, and then must go to the hospital to find a professional doctor for pressure dressing.

Post time: Dec-12-2022