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What are the commonly used sports protective equipment?

Knee pads

It is mostly used by ball sports such as volleyball, basketball, badminton, etc. It is also often used by people who carry out heavy-duty sports such as weightlifting and fitness. It is also useful for sports such as running, hiking, and cycling. The use of knee pads can better fix the joints, reduce the collision and wear of the joints during sports, and also prevent the damage to the epidermis during sports.

Waist support

It is mostly used by weightlifters and throwers, and some athletes often use it when doing heavy-duty strength training. The waist is the middle link of the human body. When doing heavy-duty strength training, it needs to be transmitted through the center of the waist. When the waist is not strong enough or the movement is incorrect, it will be injured. The use of the waist support can effectively support and fix the function, and can effectively prevent the waist from spraining.


Mostly used by volleyball, basketball, badminton and other ball sports. The wrist brace can effectively reduce the excessive flexion and extension of the wrist, especially the tennis ball is very fast. Wearing the wrist brace can reduce the impact on the wrist when the ball touches the racket and protect the wrist.

Ankle brace

It is generally used by sprinters and jumpers in track and field events. The use of ankle braces can stabilize and protect the ankle joint, prevent ankle sprains, and prevent over-stretching of the Achilles tendon. For those with ankle injuries, it can also effectively reduce the range of motion of the joint, relieve pain and speed up recovery.


Leggings, that is, a tool to protect the legs from injury in daily life (especially in sports). It is now more common to make a protective sleeve for the legs, which is comfortable and breathable and easy to put on and take off. Sports equipment for baseball, softball and other athletes to protect the calf.

Elbow pads

Elbow pads, a kind of protective gear used to protect the elbow joints, athletes still wear elbow pads to prevent muscle damage. It can be worn in tennis, golf, badminton, basketball, volleyball, roller skating, rock climbing, mountain biking and other sports. Arm guards can play a role in preventing muscle strains. Athletes and celebrities can be seen wearing arm guards during basketball games, running, and reality TV shows.

Palm guard

Protect palms, fingers. For example, in gymnastics competitions, it is often seen that athletes wear palm guards when doing lifting rings or horizontal bars; in the gym, fitness gloves are also worn when doing tension machines, boxing exercises and other sports. We can also see many basketball players wearing finger guards.


Mostly used by skating, skateboarding, cycling, rock climbing and other sports, helmets can reduce or even eliminate the impact of objects on the head injury to ensure safety. The shock absorption effect of the helmet is divided into two types: soft protection and hard protection. In the impact of soft protection, the impact force is reduced by increasing the impact distance, and the kinetic energy of the impact is all transferred to the head; the hard protection does not increase the impact distance, but digests the kinetic energy through its own fragmentation.

Eye protection

Goggles are auxiliary equipment used to protect the eyes. The main function is to prevent eye damage from strong light and sandstorms. Protective glasses have the characteristics of transparency, good elasticity and not easy to break. Cycling and swimming are commonly used.

Other parts

Forehead protector (fashion hair band, sports sweat absorption, tennis and basketball), shoulder protector (badminton), chest and back protector (motocross), crotch protector (fighting, taekwondo, sanda, boxing, goalkeeper, ice hockey). Sports tape, made of elastic cotton as the base material, and then coated with medical pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is widely used in competitive sports to protect and reduce injuries to various parts of the body during sports, and play a protective role. Protective clothing, compression tights, etc.

Post time: Jun-17-2022