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Nylon Ankle Support Sleeve-High Elastic

Brand Name JRX
Material Nylon
Product name Ankle Brace Compression
Material Nylon
Color Light Grey
Size S-M-L
Application Unisex Breathable Ankle Support
Sample Availalbe
Packing Customized
OEM/ODM Color/Size/Material/Logo/Packaging, etc…

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Ankle sprain is one of the most common injuries, as your ankle is involved in nearly all aspects of movement,such as running, jumping, turning and walking. So wearing an ankle brace can help to support the soft tissue around you ankle, preventing injury and allowing you to continue with daily activity. Ankle support is a kind of sporting goods, it is a kind of sports goods used by athletes to protect the ankle joint and strengthen the ankle joint.In today's society, people use ankle braces as a kind of sports protective gear to help people exercise better.If you have injured you ankle before, you may be more susceptible to injuries in the future, and wearing an ankle brace greatly reduces the risk of re-injury. Nylon ankle support is knitted accord with ergonomics, four-way-elastic, fit and comfortable. It is also very convenient to put on and take off, so it is very popular among people, reducing the possibility of many injuries during exercise.At the same time, the nylon ankle protector also has a certain cold-proof and warm-keeping effect, which can reduce the irritation of the ankle caused by wind and cold.We have a wide range of ankle braces, offering various levels of support depending on the severity of your ankle injury.



1. Provides protection and support for the ankle.

2. Keeps ankle flexible while playing sports.

3. Suitable for minor sprains and strains and arthritic pain. Ideal for the healing and prevention of sporting injuries.

4. Support gives pain and stress relief for everyday use.

5. Provides warmth, compression and support.

6. Select natural quality bamboo fiber, high absorption capacity, without bad smell, sweat-absorbing and cold-proof, breathable.

7. Special knitted technical design matching different joints, plays the role of immobilization, protection and adjuvant therapy to joints and muscle.

8. Imported equipments, leading technology, guaranteed quality.


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