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The role of knee pads

KneeptersA kneepad is referred to as an object used to protect people’s knees. Has the role of sports protection, cold insulation, joint maintenance. Divided into exercise knee knee, health knee. Suitable for athletes, middle-aged and elderly people, and patients with knee diseases.

In modern sports, knee pads are used in great variety. The knee is not only an extremely important part in the exercise, but also a relatively vulnerable part prone to injury, or an injury is extremely painful and slow recovery, and even some people will appear rainy and cloudy days on the dull pain. The “knee pads” of thick felt material available in almost all sporting goods stores can reduce and avoid injuries to some extent, and can prevent cold in winter and is not expensive. It’s not recommended as a must, but it’s true that it’s widely used in all sports!

act on

The function of knee pads has three points: one is braking, two is heat preservation, three is health care. Heat is not much said, the knee part is very easy to catch cold catch cold, a lot of knee disease is related to knee catch cold catch cold, especially in the mountains, the mountain wind is very cold very hard, often leg muscles have always been feeling very hot, and knee because there is no muscle movement, so not hot, when people feel leg heat is very comfortable, actually knee is catch cold catch cold, at this time, if it is wearing a knee pads, knee heat preservation effect can be reflected.

Mainly talk about the braking effect of the knee pads. Knee is the upper and lower leg bone intersection, middle meniscus, in front of the patella, patella is stretched by two muscles, suspended before the leg bone intersection, very easy to slide, in normal life, because not affected by external force, there is no strenuous exercise, so the patella in the knee part can normal small range of activities. Because mountaineering puts too much pressure on the knee, coupled with the strenuous exercise in mountaineering, it is easy to pull the patella away from the original part, thus causing disease in the knee joint. Wearing a knee pads can hold the patella in a relatively stable position to ensure it is not easily hurt. The above mentioned is the mild braking effect of the knee guard without the knee injury. After the knee injury, using the heavy braking knee pads can reduce the bending of the knee, maintain it in a straight line from the thigh to the calf, and reduce the bending of the knee joint, so as to protect the knee joint from aggravating the condition.

The role of knee pads

Folding selection strategy

According to the different functions, the knee pads are basically divided into two types.

One is the kind of relatively thick common in physical stores, with a large hole in front of the knee, generally bundled, and then fixed with stick buckle knee pads. This kind of knee pads tie can let the knee can not bend easily, thigh leg knee always knee a straight line, so, very suitable for knee injury after the severe “braking”, and because of the impermeability of its material, it is not easy to use as a daily protection of the knee.

Another is a thin knee pads on the knee, has a certain elasticity, with, the knee can still be free activity, just can obviously feel the patella was slightly tightened, the mild braking knee pads can be used to protect the knee in the usual movement, and the knee pads air permeability is very good, usually with the basic will not feel any inconvenience, so recommended in daily sports activities, the use of this mild braking knee pads to protect the knee.

usage method

Using a eppads is sometimes placed inside the pants, sometimes outside. The advantage of putting in the inside is good stability, allowing the maximum role of “braking”; the advantage of using in the outside is easy to wear and adjust, but the braking ability will decrease. Generally speaking, when the environment changes are not obvious, do not need to adjust or take off the knee pads at any time, it is better to put in the inside, otherwise, it is better to put in the outside. Both kneepads or climbing poles only provide auxiliary protection. To protect the knee, the most fundamental thing is to exercise often, to increase the strength of the muscles, to equip themselves with a scientific and reasonable weight bearing, and to maintain a reasonable movement in the activities. Knee damage in outdoor sports is already a fairly common problem.

Given that the knee is one of the most important parts of outdoor activities, and the “TREEKER” family activity is often “four-wheel drive” (requiring the joint efforts of the limbs), it is easier to damage the knee, so it is recommended to use the “knee pads”.

Hikers all know the role of knee pads, but how to use them properly, improper use will cause what consequences are not much. Knee pads on the market are roughly divided into professional knee pads and non-professional knee pads, which can only refer to non-professional knee pads here.

Non-professional knee pads with the length of the two kinds, according to the season can be divided into summer and autumn knee pads (short knee pads) and winter and spring knee pads (generally for the outer leather inner hair long knee pads). The quality and price of all kinds of knee pads are quite different, motorcycle friends can choose according to their own needs and economic conditions.

Some travelers wear knee pads on long trips, but often not for short distances. Who does not know “Rome was not built in a day”, the number of short rides, for a long time, the knee will still get sick, so remind friends, protect your knee should be 0 kilometers, start if the knee lesions to wear knee pads, it is too late to regret.

Some travelers think that wearing knee pads is something in winter, summer can not wear, this view is wrong. Because of the high temperature in summer, the pores of the skin expand much larger than in winter. If you do not wear a knee guard to ride a bike, the knee joint is more vulnerable to high-speed wind, and the chance of disease is greater.

Post time: Nov-22-2022