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Professional Anti-collision Elbow Pads With EVA Sponge

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Elbow pads are sports braces used to protect people's elbow joints. With the development of society, elbow pads have basically become one of the necessary sports equipment for athletes. Many people who love sports wear elbow pads at ordinary times. In fact, the main function of elbow pads is to reduce the pressure on people's bodies, and at the same time, it can keep warm and protect joints. Therefore, elbow pads also have a good effect in ordinary times. At the same time, you can wear elbow pads to prevent injury to the body, which can prevent a certain degree of sprain problem. The sports guard has a certain pressure and the pressure is precise, so it can protect the elbow joint well. Therefore, elbow pads, as a kind of sports protective gear, are becoming more and more popular in daily life.



1. The product is made of nylon with good stretch and breathability.

2. This product is lightweight, breathable elastic material, comfortable to wear, has great support and cushioning.

3. It strengthens the joints and ligaments against the impact of external forces. Effectively protects joints and ligaments.

4. This product can protect the elbow joint and reduce the effect of stress, especially for people who love to play basketball. If during the exercise, such as playing basketball, the confrontation is fierce, and the fall prevents the knee from hitting the hard ground. Elbow pads can withstand external pressure and protect your arms.

5. In winter, the joints will be relatively stiff, and you will not be able to perform better when exercising. If you wear this elbow pad, you can keep warm and prevent cold and ease the movement of the joints.

6. This elbow pad can prevent wrist joint injuries and enhance wrist strength, and it is also very beautiful, comfortable, full of sports style, and easy to wash.


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